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No, I wasn't clear. The ecu is a 94 (maybe?) SC400 part. I have modified it in a manner similar to tuned MKIII supra ecus, but with parts I built myself.

So definitely what I've done can be done to an SC400, my car thinks it's a SC400 anyways. The LS400 PCM is basically the same and would accept the same modification.

Now I haven't looked at a '99, and it may be drastically different, but I'm always up for some hacking.

The pic's that disco_cat posted on 1-14-2016 is exactly what my 1999 SC400 ECU looks like same PCB number..
Im not sure if his pic was from a sc400 or a similar car.. I can take some pics of the ECU and send them to you..
I like the YouTube link you send on the throttle conversion kit.. thats what I was thinking to make.. could not tell
if they have one for the 1UZFE tho...