I've been a member of this forum for quite awhile, maybe around a decade, yea quite awhile, but i haven't necessarily been too active as of the last 6-8 plus years, but i feel that i owed it to this forum to post about my ride, due to the knowledge and information that i have gained through this site and the community that this is.

That aside, here's the info of my project.

I bought a 1985 Corolla GTS (production date Oct 1984) back in 2003-2004 i believe, im unsure of the date, as i don't have those papers any more as far as i know, and bought it with the intention of fixing it up and driving it as a summer daily driver.

Well i drove it for a year or two, when i was at home working as a summer student at one of the local pulp mills, for one or two of the summers, and started on the basket case that it was, but as so often happens, life intervened, schooling, different cities, adventure, excitement, and just time past, while the corolla sat.

It sat from roughly 2004-2005 till last year when i pulled it out of the line up of other cars, my initial thought and for quite awhile afterwards was just to scrap it and move on, but my dad convinced and prodded me to continue with it, because of how much work I've already put into it, even though i had at least 10 times more work to go on it, but I was ready to throw in flag so many times, i literally don't know how i kept going, possibly due to shear willpower.

Honestly i don't know how I've made it this far, and it just seems like a blur to me, but due to this adventure i have gain alot of valuable fabricating, and perseverance skills, that i wouldn't ever give up now that i have experienced them.

So more onto the info

Started as a really really rusty corolla, i have since fabricated, new rockers, inner rockers, inner wheel wells, rear shock tower mounts, spare tire holder, inner and outer fender lids, front left fender, and welded new hatch pieced together from two shoddy ones and sheet metal.

It would of been way easier to start with a less rusty hatch, but to give you an idea of what i started with here are some pics from about 8-9 years back (2004 ish) when i started working on it and i didn't know better, here it was rocking the bad fenders, doors and hood from a 87 hatch parts car i had, while i was working on the so called "Good" parts

Now resurrection, these photos start from about a year ago, i was living in PG at the time so worked on it quite often, but now I'm currently living/working about 250 km away in Williams Lake, but i make frequent weekend trips to fix it up and visit family when i can, apart from the other weekends where I'm on-call or visiting friends and or family south of where i am.

So Starting last year here's the progress

Done with the body work and onto primer

Had to repaint and fix the lower dashboard, as it was dented due to a crappy window replace some time in the past

Had to test fit my wheels which have been in storage since 2004ish, but threw them on as i could remember if the actually fit or not, clearance wise, but i was pretty damn sure that they were good.

That brings us up to almost today, currently ive been starting to piece it back together, while working some things that still need to be addressed such as undercoating fenders, and the rear hatch area, redoing the sound deading on the floor, and just general other things.

Couple of extra things i have done to the car is to fill in the rear side marker lights to make them flush, removed and filled the standard antenna hole and a few other things.

Its running stock USDM bumpers as i figured why not instead of going the oh so typical kouki jdm route, and have painted it in a traditional Panda paint scheme just going green instead obviously.

My plans are to make this car into a reliable summer daily driver, so going that route it will be made more for comfort than race/drift related, but i plan on going with some coil overs to get the stance a little lower, but will be wanting to run softer springs, than the standard 8kg/6kg route, also will be redoing the stock interior as the drivers seat is kinda thrashed so might as well redo the rest of the car while im at it. For engine plan is to just do a mild tune for street ability, but never know what the future holds as a mild turbo setup would be nice, but then i would have to be doing a tranny and rear end swap for longevity, so im just gonna keep things stockish till i decide if i want to tinker with it abit more and update its power.

So yeah, thats where its at, and the plan is to have it back on the road come spring.