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Thread: Wtb: mkii's supra p/s rack hard lines

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    Wtb: mkii's supra p/s rack hard lines

    Hi guys,

    I damaged the hard lines on my 83 Supra rack while pulling my motor.

    I'm looking for undamaged replacements.

    These are NOT the pressure or return lines, they are the metal hard lines on the backside of the rack.

    If you have a spare rack, I only need the lines.

    Shipping would be to Saskatoon.

    Thanks, kind need these ASAP if possible


    Please text or call if possible 306-341-1701
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    Is there a difference between the L and P-type Supras? There's an '84 L-type at the local wrecking yard close to me, they'd charge about $30for that stuff.
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    Is dyno like 200 for the hp if mustang shifts but 300 if corolla shifts?

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    or get a new section of line from napa and slapa' that in.. a little custom bending required.

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