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Thread: OEM JDM AE86 Parts

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    OEM JDM AE86 Parts

    Looks like somebody from Club4ag is putting together a huge order for JDM AE86 parts. ETA is Sept/Oct 14. Prices are really reasonable I'd say. (Besides the $630 Trueno Zenki Lip) Here's a link:

    Snippets from the post:

    Shipping will be Calculated once ITEMS have arrived. PRE-PAID PRICES DO NOT include Shipping. Credit-Card Payments only. For those that are local or are willing to make the drive, you are more then welcome to pick up the items once they have arrived to save on the shipping. PRE PAY can be done in person via Credit Card, Check or CASH.

    Current Stock in Bound:

    Kouki Front Bumper $375.99
    Kouki Front Bumper Supports $59.99
    Kouki Front Bumper Brackets $250.99
    Kouki Front Turn Signal Lamps $210.99
    Kouki Front Grills $115.99
    Kouki Front Grill Emblems $79.99
    Kouki Front Grill Emblems * Special Edition Black * $89.99
    Kouki Rear Bumper $499.99
    Kouki Rear Bumper Brackets $250.99
    Kouki Smoked Turn Signals $80.99
    Kouki Smoked Eye Lids $99.99

    RedLine Lamps $399.99 Both Left & Right
    Garnish Center Piece $250.99

    Zenki Front Bumper ( Black & Grey ) Black $375.99 Grey $385.99
    Zenki Front Bumper Brackets $250.99
    Zenki Front Bumper Lights $210.99
    Zenki Smoked Turn Signals $80.99
    Zenki Eye Lids $99.99
    Zenki Front Grill $210.99
    Zenki Front TRUENO emblem $79.99
    Zenki Rear Bumper Brackets $250.99
    Zenki Sprinter Tail Lamps $379.99
    Zenki Sprinter Plate Lights $89.99

    Zenki Levin
    Zenki Levin Front Bumper $375.99
    Zenki Levin Front Grill $249.99

    Kouki Levin
    Kouki Levin Front Bumper $375.99
    Kouki Levin Front Bumper Supports $50.99
    Kouki Levin Front Bumper Brackets $250.99
    Kouki Levin Front Apexi Grill $225.99
    Kouki Levin Front Turn Signals $99.99
    Kouki Levin Front Corner Lights $350.99
    Kouki Levin Front Headlights * Limited amounts * $550.99
    Kouki Levin Front Apexi Grill Lights $225.99

    Available as Pre-Paid Items Only ( Will Not Stock )
    Zenki Front Bumper Lip $625.99
    Zenki Levin Front Bumper Lip $440.99
    Zenki Levin Fenders $289.99 Each Side * As with any body panel item, chance of damage while in transit is always there. Buyer accepts all liability as there is no exchange or refunds on these items.

    I have 1 Zenki Levin Front Bumper Lip IN STOCK. $375.99 + shipping * Pricing is from previous Stock order *

    Thank you!

    [805] 497-2791 Ext 174
    [818] 370-9915 Text
    Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

    Perhaps us Alberta guys should organize something to save up shipping. (i.e. shipping everything to sweetgrass and picking it all up from there)
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    What are "Kouki Front Bumper Supports"?

    Interested in these if anyone would like to do a group buy and save on shipping:
    Kouki Smoked Turn Signals $80.99
    Kouki Smoked Eye Lids $99.99
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    yeah i might get some stuff !

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    Good site, I emailed them and they got back to me pretty quick
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    wish they would still sell oem bumpers

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    Kouki front bumper supports are the little pieces that connect to the sides of the bumper to the inner fender well area.

    You know, the ones that are always rotted off?

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