Finally was able to get the two corollas towed home. A quick count of all my rollas make this number 9 and 10.

Long have I dreamt of building my version of the best all around corolla. Then I stumbled upon these cars and the stars aligned. I acquired a 82 parts car and a 83 corolla.

The 82 is undergoing a full strip then off to crush it will go because I have 8 vehicles in my driveway and feel that only 7 is way more manageable

The 83 ae71 lived it's life as an automatic 4ac car. Manual rack, minimal rust should make a very clean host for the beams 3sge. After searching thru the car briefly I've found 4 areas that require rust repair. 3 have allready been chopped out. And the 4th is a small area of softness at the rr shock mount (very small but will be repaired before drove.) I plan on doing the rust repair and sending it for a respray. I really dig the colour it's a blueish silver, and reminds me of a mixture of the 86 and my te wagon.

Everything for my ae86 will in time find its way to to the ae71 (see;wiring harness, dash, fuel system, suspension)

Today I will take some pictures to post and shared we all know everyone's only here for photos