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Thread: Fs 13" hoard

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    Fs 13" hoard

    4 13x7 dslots w/ tires 250$ will get pics and offsets today universal bolt,pattern 4x108-4x114.3

    1x complete set stock te steelies with tires no center caps (140)

    1x complete stock te steelies no caps with tires (140$)

    4x 13" beauty rings 100$

    4x Oe center caps 80$

    Two years of hoarded 13" tires 10$ per tire or buy my hoard and take them all

    Interested in 14" dslots or various 14"/15" wheels, celicasupra rear end, blacktop itbs

    Everything for 500$

    More old toyotas then common sense

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    May i have 1st dibs on the 13x7. Please post pics. Also do you know the backspacing?

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