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Thread: Looking for higher or lower gears sets

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    Looking for higher or lower gears sets

    We need to find either 4.30 or 3.30 gear sets or complete rear ends to fit in 1981 corolla that we race at Agassiz
    Will look at all options , corolla, Celica, supra right now we have 6.7 rear-end with 3.90 gears and its right in between 2 and 3rd gear.
    We can modify whatever you have to fit
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    Dwarf or mini stock? out of curiousity. I have a few 82 Corolla diffs with a busted axle In em but the ring gears are good. I'm just not sure how to tell the ratios. Got some mint drum brakes for a 83 rearend I don't require if you want em

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    New gear set for the 6.7 T type in 4.3:1 are readily available. Check Weir, think they go for around 320$ + shipping. Or just go around and snatch anything out of an AE86 GTS as they're all 6.7" 4.3:1 (only the GT-S with disque brake that is.
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    I know some of the celicas with 6.7's have a 3.42 gear ratio. I had one in my ae86 and it was way too long. Probly the easiest to find but are not 3rd member style.

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