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Thread: fuel pump wiring options

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    fuel pump wiring options

    hey guys,

    So im doing a gts swap on my sr5 and I am at the stage now where I need to wire my fuel pump.
    I dont have the gts rear harness unfortunately so I will have to do the wiring myself.
    The car will be used as a race car for drifting/autocross so I want the best set up.

    This is one option I am considering, using the ae86 COR and making the wiring close to stock.
    Thoughts on this option? will it work? Seems simple and easy, but I have heard it is better to run
    the pump power from the battery with a relay so there is no voltage drop.
    Here is what im thinking.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The next option I was thinking of was cutting the switched 12v wire going to either the cig lighter or
    the heater control and crimping a wire onto it and using that to power a bosch relay. Then powering
    the pump off of the battery. Here is a diagram I found online of what I am talking about. I figured
    this would feed my pump constant voltage.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fuel Pump Relay.jpg 
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    What do you guys think would be the best course of action?


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    Your first image won't load for me. I figure you've got all wiring other than the rear harness. In that case you'll have the junction box in the passenger kick panel and the circuit open relay above that. If that relay is there, then there's no need for another one. I don't have the FSM in front of me, but just use the wire from the circuit open relay that's normally going to the connector on the junction box that would normally go to the fuel pump's 12v side. I'll double check in the morning if you haven't figured out which wire it is by then.

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    The voltage drop comes from factory wiring that was too small. As an example, iirc DSMs are bad for it and benefit from a wire upgrade.

    There is nothing wrong with the factory wire in the 86 though, go ahead and use it and attach a similar gauge. I think you've got it right, the blue wire is power.

    COR have a habit of failing all the time. Don't worry about it though. Even if it goes at the track you can just bypass it for a quick fix, I've done it.


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