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Thread: Sketchiest car repair you've done

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    Damn, this thread is for me!

    I have several including some I am currently using on my dd but that will have to wait until I can get pictures.

    My first car an mx73. When I was camping 3 hours away from home, we decided to go down a logging/back road that apparently was full of large limestone rocks. one of them hopped up and broke my mostly rust fuel line. was only a crack but when I floored it it drew in air and kept stalling. So I drove it back to the camp all the while leaking and ripped out my headlight washer lines, wrapped it in a kevlar arm protector I had from working in a factory and a whole bunch of clamps I had in my car. It lasted nearly 1000 kms and a few months before it burst.

    I also had to make a ignition coil to distributor wire myself with some thick copper wire I had lying around and efi hose and urethane. I actually used it in two of my cressidas. Even made a how to thread on it hahahah.

    Not a sketchy repair but was actually driving on this and only fully fell apart after I took it off.

    Random camber/toe/castor on the rear drivers side is weird. drove it about 10 km almost broken completely to see if I could get parts from toyota lol. weird to see your tire tread in your rear view mirror.

    My ae95 had a large hole in the drivers floor and when there was a good amount of snow i had to stop occasionally to shovel the snow out of my foot well as it was pushing my floor mat up so high it was interfering with my pedals. So I cut out all of the rust and had some plates of aluminum at my house so I layered them like shingles and riveted them with urethane to fix the hole. looked pretty good and was solid as anything. Unfortunately I never took pics of it.

    I also closed my rear hatch on that car and my rear window promptly shattered. As a new glass was $400 and the hatch was very rusted out I decided to repair the rusted areas with sheet metal, rivets and you guessed it.... urethane! Replaced the rear glass with plexiglass (also riveted and urethaned to it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigger Happy View Post
    Easy, the zip tie water pump belt to get me home from the track

    1991 Tercel 4A-GEsmallport RIP 09/02/2011 - - 1993 Supra.
    05 IS300 Daily

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugwillis View Post
    Dude there's like 20 better places to get an alignment in Victoria, at least. Shame on you for going there.
    I agree 100%. Now accepting beatings for my wrongdoings.

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    old land rover frame mount broke from chassis. come along held up the motor to firewall for the rest of the trip. hood was tossed in the back on top of camping gear.

    Rangerover fan come off, trail welded the nut back onto the water pump.

    coolant hose blown on VW Rabbitt Diesel. Duct tape and mechanics wire, lasted 8months

    Blown Flex line on rear axle of another range rover. cut the rubber folded it over clamped it with wise grips drove 400km.

    busted throttle cable on Range rover. had buddy with a piece of string use throttle while i shifted and steer

    why do i have british vehicles again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 76RA24 View Post
    busted throttle cable on Range rover. had buddy with a piece of string use throttle while i shifted and steer
    This I love. Reminded me of another one of my gems, that I share with Trigger Happy:

    After a night of driving the throttle cable on his 86 got so frayed if you applied more than half throttle it would stick. We used his belt to loop over the throttle linkage as a manual return and drove home with the driver applying throttle and the passenger releasing it.

    This thread is brilliant.

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