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Thread: converting Alt. problem 4age 20v / te72

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    Icon3 converting Alt. problem 4age 20v / te72

    Hi guys !

    I'm wondering if someone else ever had this problem.. I'm swapping a 20v bt in my 80' corolla liftback ! But i wanted to kept the 20v original Alternator ( has 3 wires pin out ) and my te72 has only 2 wires plugs...

    Can someone help me with that ?

    Thanks a lot !!

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    wiring diagram for te72 (1980) suggests that alt is 3 wire, externally regulated? No idea whats going on there, wire the 20V alt as shown above and scrap te72 alte wiring altogether.

    for reference this is what I was looking at

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    My guess is that Toyota is only trying to compensate for running smaller size wire gauge in the harness, to the junction point in ?
    There isn't any diodes shown after the alt. Dave W

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