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Thread: Hello from Ohio

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    Hello from Ohio

    Figured I should stop lurking and introduce myself.

    I've had 3 FC's, 2 S14s, 1 S13 and a few other less fun cars over the years.
    Bought a way rusty corolla I shouldn't have from a field for cheap like 5 years ago and have put 2 miles on it since.
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    Many flintstones holes.
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    Fixed a lot of rust, swapped to quad round front end, kouki lsd rear end, ae86 front everything with mr2 rack. Built some coilovers.
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    Had a 16v with R1 carbs and a custom 22r distributor lathed down with the snout and gear from a 16v dist for correct vacuum/mechanical advance that mostly worked.
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    Ended up with a good deal on a Silvertop, and a poor rusty rod knocking FX16.
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    I decided I was over carbs and wanted stock EFI. Plan was to put the good 16v into the FX, and put the silvertop into the TE. Pulled the engines from both, decided the FX was beyond saving, graduated college and got a job and ignored cars altogether for a few years.

    Carved out some car time in the last few months. 20v is in the TE, fixed more rust, new carpet, rewired the harness for blacktop ecu for open stacked. a ton of little things left to do but it's seeming like a real car again which I'm excited about.

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    sup hoffguy? you've moved over from tumblr finally i see! welcome!

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    Pic of the quad round front end? It sounds rad.

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    Hello, I am also from Ohio, Sharonville area and still lurking... Sweet cars. Coincidentally I FB messaged you earlier about a 20v question.

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    Sounds like it's going to be a sweet ride. How about some more pics! Dave W

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