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Thread: lots and lots of te72 parts! CHEAP!

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    lots and lots of te72 parts! CHEAP!

    Hey guys,

    So i have a basement full of stock te72 parts from my build, and i should really start to get rid of them.

    I basically have any/everything mechanical from my liftback that was stock.
    Notable items:

    stock suspension/spindles
    complete rear end (with stock 4 link stuff and drum brakes cuz im too lazy to take it off. i'll have to be convinced to part with the panhard bar cuz its my hatch prop.)
    cracked liftback dash, gauge cluster
    complete, uncut wiring harness (everything but the rear body harness. basically dash harness and forward. comes with all relay/fuse boxes etc.
    steering box stuff? someone may want it?
    stock 13" wheels with decent-ish tires?
    i think theres a radiator maybe somewhere
    front bumper
    stock exhaust that is cut, but could be decent?
    stock fuel tank, i think its in pretty good shape.
    front x-member, trans x member (auto, not sure if same as manual.)
    steering column for steering box stuff

    edit: also remembered i have a 7.5" 4.3 r&p.
    also have a ACT 3sgte throwout bearing somewhere if someone wants for free.

    probably some more stuff, but i cant recall right now.

    take it all for like 100$?
    or message me for smaller stuff, we can work out a price, probably like 10-20$ for most things, just need it all gone. front spindles probs like 40$, rear axle probably also 40$?

    message me if there is anything else you're looking for. no motor/trans parts, no body panels and stuff like that. basically suspension/other mechanical stuff only.

    Oh, I guess i have a pair of strange 14x6 meshie type wheels i'd sell too. $50? i think thats what i paid.

    located in vancouver, can meet in places that arent tooooo far, unless you wanna pay v8 gas $.
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    What size are the 13" tires?
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    Is dyno like 200 for the hp if mustang shifts but 300 if corolla shifts?

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    coming to the island soon?

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    I can check tire sizes today. they arent the most amazing things, pretty much beater daily status tires/burners.

    derek, i may be coming over soon, not sure if its going to be with a car or not though, but i'll be coming over with a car for the season finale.

    I'll try to get pics today if i remember.

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    okay, some pics of a couple things, i dunno why.

    brandon, the tires are are 175 and 185 i think /70?'s? (the close ones in the pics are the 175s, the 185's are mismatched type though.)

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