Been on here lurking for awhile but never introduced myself so here is a formal intro. Picked up a completely stock 1987 GTS back in May and have been daily driving it since i got it. Pretty satisfied with it since it is much better on gas than my other car haha. Needs some work before it will be where I want it.

It is 29 years old so of course I found some rust I plan to keep the car so I will have to deal with it. I was too late to hop onto the group buy from wolfsteel but I think the pieces I need are TC3R and TC3R.

Left side

Right side

I stripped out the interior to clean the seats, carperts, wipe down the plastic trims to get rid of that old car smell. In the process I found another spot with rust

Hopefully someone can point me to somewhere that know these cars well enough to fix it. I bought a pair of relatively clean fenders from Matt (projectae86 on here) and it was great dealing with him. Stand up guy. Going to weld up that antenna hole and slap those on since the fenders that are on the car are pretty bad. Hopefully I can get this thing looking "decent" soon

I also ordered the T3 coilovers so when I have time this week I will slap those in there. The stock struts are so soft when I brake the whole front end dips down. Don't think I have ever driven a car like that haha. That is about it so far. I would love to get some nicer wheels for this thing. I have a set of 15" wheels with good tires that was on my old car but the offsets are incorrect so the wheel will touch the struts. If anyone has some 15" wheels looking to part, let me know!

Hopefully I will meet more of you soon. Cheers!