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Thread: FS: AE86 strut casings. Victoria...

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    FS: AE86 strut casings. Victoria...

    I have two set of AE86 strut casings to go.

    Set one is straight-up good. Set two is a little weird -- but usable.

    Set one: Bare casings with good wheel bearings and backing plates. Old rotors. Good hubs, I presume. Empty. Flange nuts included. $125

    Set two: Totally usable, but some goof ground a bevel off the bottom to make it easier to re-re over the knuckle nut. What a knuckle nut. Fixable -- or just use as-is because they bolt up to a knuckle just fine. Or do a little brazing. I would use them without fear of death. Backing plates. Good spindles. $40.

    In Vic. May ship -- but make it worth my while to package these... is better than a PM here.

    Set one:


    Set two:

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