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Thread: E70 Chrome Bumper KIt. Cheap. Victoria. May ship.

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    E70 Chrome Bumper Kit. Cheap. Victoria. May ship.


    These are the made-in-Thailand bumpers and end caps you can buy on ebay. The Chrome on them is soooo sh*tty that the front bumper started rusting after ONE rain. I then left it outside to see what would happen... Look how nice it is. However, if you don't mind painting the bumpers, you can have a pretty good bumper set for cheap. The rear bumper is still in the plastic, so you can do your own leave-it-in-the-rain test....

    Never mounted. The front bumper can mount to the steel frame of a NA bumper with a bit of grinding and cutting (of the NA bumper frame). The NA turn signals can be made to work. The rear? You need to figure that out.

    No mounts included.

    The front bumper rust is surface only. Grind it and paint it. Bob's yer uncle.

    The end caps need the waviness from the moulding process sanded out with a random-orbit sander... or just leave them... Sanding them is easy and there is lots of material to work with... I posted about this a couple years ago. (In this thread: ). It's easy.

    All for $200. SOLD (The caps alone are $120 shipped on ebay!).

    I may ship these... but add a bit for my time to package them... like $20 (that's lunch and a beer).... plus actual shipping cost.


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    $28 Bronze T50 shifter bushings HERE

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    ugh so tempting.. too bad im going to be broke from having to buy a new motor...

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