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Thread: ICBC Collector's vehicle survey - until Aug 29th

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    ICBC Collector's vehicle survey - until Aug 29th

    It has come to my attention that recently ICBC has started a survey to ask the public what they think they should do about the existing collector's vehicle program.

    As it stands the collector programs allow 25 years or older vehicles in exceptional original quality to receive recognition and be operated on public roads with reduced insurance premiums while insured against 3rd party claims in the same capacity as a regular insurance. The vehicle has to be used for pleasure (intended for going to and from car shows, repair shops, and such) and the owner is required to own or lease another vehicle as well to qualify. A lot of other nuances in the application process, so best you refer to the site linked.

    Now they have put up a survey where ICBC seems to be looking to push the age of eligibility to 30, and Vintage autos to 35 or even 40 years old. The current rules and regulations apply to cars of 1991 or older, but with the extended age eligibility it will be 1986, vintage in 1981 or even 1976 should the rules be changed. They also seem to intend to change the “Limited Production collector vehicle” rule to either eliminating the designation altogether or push the eligibility back to 25 years or older. AE86 owners will likely just scrape by in 2017 but think about the AW11 and AE92 owners!

    I feel that the collectible program is good at conserving cars of a certain vintage that looks and feels very different from modern cars to satisfy the need to preserve them for future generations to see....these car are not necessarily rare but different enough from modern counterpart so it's worthy of keeping. 25 years ago cars practically were built the same as cars now de-facto, except for crash standards, fuel economy and electronic gadgets if you look at the tangible measures, yet they also drive very differently...I do not think by any stretch of the imagination any car enthusiasts would argue that it feels the same driving a EF civic hatch versus a 2017 civic hatch, or driving a 1991 Miata is the same as driving a 2016 Miata. There is no doubt a 1991 Skyline GTR is collectible and historical; not to mention it delivers a completely different driving experience from a modern Nissan GTR. A 1990 BMW M3 is definitely one of those specialty vehicles that deserve respect, and it deserves it now not 5 years later. I also believe a 1997 Subaru Impreza 22B is limited enough that it warrants special treatment from ICBC in treating these vehicles with the same historical significance as any limited production vehicle under any other circumstances.

    ICBC and SVA (Specialty Vehicles Association) worked closely in the past to bring us the collector’s and vintage programs. For the love of iconic Japanese and European sports cars that are turning collectible, more so than any decades before, we should show ICBC how we love our future classics and the collectible car community cares. As there is no collective car clubs for European and Japanese car enthusiasts, I implore you to take the survey and spread the words to any car enthusiast communities in BC or otherwise so everyone has a say in the matter, regardless of the origin of the vehicles. This affects you and me, and any enthusiasts that are to come.

    Comment, Share, and most importantly take the survey by August 29th!

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    The one I am more interested in is the changes coming to the modified collector vehicle status.

    Or you could have said "sorry, my kidnap victims keep kicking my elbow, it made me drop my crack pipe and swerve"


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