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Thread: FS: 20V Silvertop lot. 2 Engines+Head+ITBs. In Vic. Cheap.

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    FS: 20V Silvertop lot. 2 Engines+Head+ITBs. In Vic. Cheap.

    Sold. All of it.

    Buy all my 20V Silvertop stuff. In Vic.

    Two complete engines. Plus one head that has no buckets or shims. Includes one set of ITBs with stacks.
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    One of the engines is completely disassembled. All parts bagged and tagged. Bores are marginal (20Vs are allowed only the tiniest out-of-round). I was going to rebuild it. Excellent crank. Excellent valve guides... All parts are in order and marked, bagged or tagged.

    One complete engine has had the head removed for inspection and to clean the valves up. This comes with a new OE head gasket to bolt it back together and run without doing much else. Bores look not too bad. Bottom end fully intact. Excellent head. A leakdown test on this engine before head removal was pretty good...

    One good head on its own that is disassembled -- This has no buckets or shims.... or timing gears... Just the valves, springs, etc... No cams. Not worn out. I think the valve guides are good.

    ST ITBs that have chrome Weber 44mm stacks fitted perfectly to the throats... Very cool. Good injector Ohms... New set of injector seals...

    Plus a complete Silvertop wiring harness...


    Sept 24th deadline.
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    What would you like for the full ITB setup? Have been looking for some for my 16v for a while

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    Incredible price. GLWS.

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