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Thread: Waaay Past time for an Introduction

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    Waaay Past time for an Introduction

    Hey hey Dori-Kaze members!!

    So, its finally time to come out of the shadows and say a little bit about myself by way of introduction.

    I have been a committed Toyota lover since my family owned a 1980 Toyota Tercel. It was the rust color, about as basic as you could get but somehow memorable to drive.

    The first car I purchased was a 1986 Corolla GTS Hatch in two tone blue and within a few months I bought a grey SR5 coupe (automatic). This was all way back in 2003.

    I found this forum at that time and have been a huge lurker since. Lol.

    I had huge plans for the hatch. I had bought a silvertop and was in the middle of building it for high compression. Bought carbon hatch and hood, got myself a full Origin Labs kit with over fenders for the rear. Kept the SR5 as it was, I liked kicking around in 4AC style -still like to whenever I can, in fact.

    Long story short, I had bought these while I was finishing up my MA at UBC. Driving from Edmonton to Vancouver in the hatch was my favorite thing to do back then. I had to sell them when I got into a PhD. program at the University of Michigan. Ten years later, I have finally found some cars I like and can possibly work on with the help of my fellow forum mates!!

    I would always be checking out Craigslist in the states -my in-laws live in Houston so we went between Michigan and Texas frequently enough. I kept checking to look for some Toyotas I had on my bucket list -foremost of those, obviously, was another GTS. Have to admit I am partial to the coupe, although I like both the coupe has always felt right for me when I'm at the wheel.

    I picked up a 2001 MR2 Spyder for a good price in Ann Arbor. Its a Florida car and was in alright shape for the price in 2013, another great car to drive but admittedly a sometimes car without a hardtop. (Still on the fence about coughing up $2500 for one, maybe later when I am employed. Lol) Its solar yellow, leather seats, and bone stock except the previous owner put lame carbon fiber dash accents as well as a Kenwood head unit for the stereo. Don't like either. I am thinking about trying to find a Scion TC unit as I read that they fit in and certain ones are plug and play. Need to do more research...Anyways, I lucked out cause Michigan cars are terrible in terms of rust and not worth the money. Cars get less rusted in Edmonton, I have to say.

    We moved to Houston last December for the birth of my second daughter. While we were there I finally had a chance to look for some old school Corollas. After some searching I picked up a 1983 Corolla DX in rust color. A Toyota certified mechanic bought it off the previous owner who had left it sit on his farm for many years. The car was in pretty good shape, only some oxidization on the paint (impressive if anyone if familiar with Texas sun), and the engine had been maintained. Came with 32/36 Weber carb, heat delete, vacuum delete, NOS setup, TRD AE86 springs, Konis, replica JDM fender mirrors, two sets of replica rims (Watanabe and Enkei Apache replicas). Upgraded factory headunit from a Tacoma. NRG woodgrain steering wheel. It was a fun daily driver while we were down there.

    After a few months however, I finally found it -a faded out red 1986 Corolla GTS coupe. It has a silvertop that has been professionally wired up and the loom was trimmed of excess fat by a shop out in Texas that has some experience with these engines. Test drove it a couple of months and bought it...right before we moved back to Edmonton. Basically drove it from one storage unit to another. I was just down there about a week ago and had a chance to drive it around a little, I like it but I am not sure if I like the Silvertop more than the stock -I guess they are just different engines that are both good but each with their own limits. My plan is to drive it up in spring, maybe with a buddy and make a road trip out of it. Definitely needs paint and there are a couple of spots of rust so some new metal is probably in the pipes. Dash is cracked but I am working on picking one up from another member. I am toying with the Haltech Silvertop plug and play from Battle Garage, so if anyone has experience with Haltech on the 20V I would love to hear some thoughts about whether it really opens them up like they claim on the website.

    I also just picked up a 1980 Celica Supra here in Edmonton off a farm close to Wainright. It has a big dent in the hood and fender is bent because of it as well on the left side. So it needs replacement body pieces but there is almost no support I can find for the MK1 Celica Supras. Might be something wonky with the power steering and the wipers are loopy. 4ME is solid, has a new head gasket, distributor cap and rotor replaced, along with wires and plugs. Fires right up and drives. It just feels a little off in terms of steering and suspension. Not surprising given its age and that it sat for a long time. I'd like to get it on the road for summer and drive it around.

    I also have a 2000 Civic EK7 hatch with a B16a, skunk2 coilovers, lcas, Passport JDM dry carbon short ram intake, jasma spec headers, yonaka exhaust. I just had the rear panel cut and welded on passenger side. Also have Skunk2 strut tower bars and intake (its not installed yet). I don't know what it is but I don't like driving it. I am hoping to sell it but we'll see. B16a was installed by JDM Tuners in Calgary but rest of the work was me and a buddy.

    I am still finishing my dissertation at the moment but we've moved back to Edmonton and we are planning on staying in glorious and free Canada. I spent the first month or so upon getting back parting out my old 2006 Corolla XRS, I had it scraped now but have most the parts. I plan to try to sell the interior etc soon but not in a rush, maybe wait until spring. Took out the 2zz with transmission and will eventually swap it in to the Spyder. There are a couple of good tuners in the states (one in Michigan and one in Texas would specialize on the zz motors), I'll either get parts from them or have them do the swap. Looks so so so simple and I want to do Apex'i PowerFC or some other stand alone so I can potentially turbo it.

    I will post pics but if someone can give me a link to an explanation, it would be really helpful. I tried on last night but it was a failure. Its telling me here that my file size dimensions are too I need to reduce them on my computer? Sorry, not a picture wizard by any means.

    I have already had the chance to meet or correspond with several members here in Alberta and I look forward to more interaction as I learn more about my new GTS coupe (once I finally get it up here). In the meantime, I'll be working slowly on the Mk1 Supra trying to get it to feel less like its a hovercraft.

    This is my favorite car forum/community, I have found over the years that there is clearly a wealth of experience with old school Toyotas and that members are helpful as well as clearly being passionate about their cars.

    Well, that a bit about me. Back to writing the dissertation!!

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    Welcome to the group Harjeet, I know we have chatted on a few posts on the board and maybe once or twice on kijiji. We will have to cross paths some time soon. Would be good to meet another Edmonton Toyota nut!
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    Great intro! Welcome to the boards! Maybe next year we can have an official DK meet. There hasn't been one for awhile.

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    Look forward to pics of the coupe. What is your PhD in if you don't mind my asking.
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    Yo Harjeet welcome to the dori kaze . Let's see some pics.

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    I posted an album of my old hatch. Still trying to figure out the pictures business. I'll post once I get a handle on it.

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