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    Finally a straight six sedan!

    I figured I'd make a thread to keep track of all the stuff I do to this thing. I sold the Corolla to buy a JZX. Finally found a JZX81 in Alberta, that PaulCorolla helped me ship over.

    Seamed like a good deal considering the parts that were on it and some spare goodies that came with it. Once I started digging into it, I realized the car needed a lot of work and it was poorly pieced together. So I sold a few goodies off of it, and traded it for a JZX100

    I was pretty happy about the trade. Only ****ty part was that the JZX100 was auto. It needed a couple things for safety. Exhaust, and rear brakes no big deal. Not even a month into driving it, one day backing into a parking spot the diff magically falls out

    Turns out the previous owner filled them with Polly. I didn't notice because they were covered in foil paper. I didn't think anything of it at the time since the exhaust ran under it. Ended up damaging the rear U-Joint and an axle boot. So I ordered TRD diff bushings, and TRD TC rod bushings while I was at it since the left side was torn

    Got some cool wheels for it

    Drove it to Final bout USAIR last summer

    Hit up a couple drift days. It was still fun considering it was auto haha

    Parked the car for winter, and started collecting parts.

    Picked up an R154 from a JZX100 off yahoo Japan auctions, and had Jesse streeter ship it for me.

    Rebuilt a OEM clutch I got for free off a friend, and switched the friction material to Kevlar, and ran a drift motion lightweight flywheel.

    The 1J was leaking oil like crazy! So I ordered all the seals, and did the timing belt and water pump since I was already there.

    Bought some BC ER series coils since the cusco's were old and the collars were seized.

    Some Cusco upper arms

    Big difference swapping over to 5 speed. It doesn't feel like a slug anymore. Especially since I'm running the 3.9 auto R&P VS the standard 3.7.

    Found a steering angle kit on yahoo so I ended up buying it.

    Went drifting and got a little excited on my second lap, and entered really hot.

    Resulting to this lol

    That steering angle kit I bought turned out to be junk. Stock lower control arms were extended, and the knuckles were modded. Looks like they were cracked and were rusty. I couldn't tell though since they had been painted over.

    I ended up breaking lower control arm, knuckle, upper ball joint, brake line, and ABS line.

    More parts from Japan!
    Sourced some front fenders for $100

    Sent my oem Lower control arms to get extended

    Bought some Hey man 800SP knuckles

    Straightened out my intercooler, and had to replace a few couplers that broke

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