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Thread: 1981 Toyota Corolla Fleet for sale

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    1981 Toyota Corolla Fleet for sale

    Up for sale
    1981 Corolla Agassiz Mini Stock Race ready High Performance
    1981 Corolla Agassiz Mini Stock Race ready with Monte Carlo body
    1981 Corolla 2 Dr sedan Drift Project almost ready with papers
    1981 Corolla SR5 2 Door hatch back almost Race ready
    All the above cars have normally aspirated 3TC engines and HP out put varies depending on engine ranging from approx 125 to 140
    Many 3TC engine cores $300
    T40 Trans $300
    T50 Trans $300
    Numerous heads all 3TC with EGR ports
    Tons of parts
    Willing to help a new racer get going at agassiz if someone wants to take over everything or will sell induvidually.
    Have a look at the website for some pictures

    and also Facebook

    Email Peter at for more info

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    I will be coming to the mainland on January 28th. If you still have the T40 or T50 I will grab one! Any issues with either trans?

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