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Thread: PSA: Photobucket is for plebs

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    Icon4 PSA: Photobucket is for plebs

    This is a public service announcement:

    Photobucket's a bunch of blackmailing ****gibbons and as a result, many image links on the site are now broken.

    From now on, users are encouraged to use the site's built-in picture uploader or other 3rd party image hosting sites. That being said, my personal recommendation would be

    If you are going the BBCode Imgur route, it is preferred that you when uploading, you use the 640x480 message board resize option. This just makes it easier for uniform browsing.

    That is all.

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    FlickR is ok aswell.

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    I ****ing hate how PB is rapping the public - I have 10 years of build threads on there and now I got nothing but broken links, I wouldn't mind paying a little bit but at $400 a year (or was that a month?) they can Go **** themselves
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    Admins write a script to grab the pics from photo bucket and then update the links here

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