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The Pandemic Update:

After the COP conversation, I felt that the engine looked a bit unfinished. So, back in December, Quinn from SpeedHero and I started another collaboration; an OEM style spark plug cover.
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Quinn scanned and modelled the original Toyota part in Solidworks and made some fundamental improvements:

1) An 80's period correct Toyota logo
2) Side gussets for heat venting modelled after the 2JZ cover
Attachment 15984

The initial prototypes were 3D printed and tested for fitment. Two in the pink and one in the stink...
Attachment 15986Attachment 15985Attachment 15987

After the fitment was ideal, we sent the file out to be 3D printed with an SLS printer (Selective Laser Sintering). And we have our final prototype:
Attachment 15989Attachment 15988

Would you be interested in having one for your car too? We'd like to gauge interest before considering production options. If you have any questions, send me an email @abronsonatpmdotme.
I'd be interested in this considering I'll be going COP in the future.