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Thread: Serendipity's comprehensive AE86 J160 swap

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    Using a T50 Starter

    DISCLAIMER: if you choose to use a T50 starter, then make sure you have it rebuilt before you install it. Once installed with the SQ adapter, it'll be impossible to remove without dropping the transmission. Have a look why. It’s bolted to the adapter from the bellhousing side toward the engine:
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    Intake side starter
    As this option was impossible due to the waterline kit we've installed, we have no information for you on the ins and outs of this possibility.

    Upgrade to a Honda starter
    DISCLAIMER: If you want to use a Honda starter on LHD AE86s, you’ll need to have a manual steering rack, as there is not enough clearance otherwise. See below for more information.

    Having to drop the transmission in order to service the starter is no fun, so we bought the SQ Honda starter adapter and sourced a brand new starter. With this setup, we’ll be able to service the starter anytime without a huge fuss. It’s also, smaller, lighter, and as a gear reduction unit (1.2kw), more powerful than the direct drive T50 starter (0.8kw). Win win. In the SQ tech article, it states the following Honda engine code compatibility for AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS ONLY:


    After some digging, we found that the F22B and F23A are only found on RHD Honda models (correct us i we're wrong), so if you’re in North America, the F22A starter would be easier to get. We found that the part number Mitsuba SM42228, is interchangable with the 1997-98 Honda Prelude, under the number, Mitsuba SM16960.

    As you can see, the Honda starter pinion comes out much further than the T50's, which is why the SQ adapter is so thick.
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    The area between the u-joint and the starter is as tight as a nun. Using a bolt with a smaller shoulder than the one supplied or an allen key bolt instead would do the trick. We were just able to slide a wrench over the bolt.
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    Now after seeing how little room there is with a manual rack, have a look at this next picture of my former power steering rack sitting next to my current manual rack. The size difference is why we believe it’s impossible to use the Honda starter setup with a power steering rack.

    The final test was done with the flywheel in place. Look ma! It works!!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Finishing work is my favourite step, and I like making parts look as close to OEM as possible by choosing colours and finishes that look good and last. While some find it cool to get parts in loud colour schemes, I prefer something more classic and subtle.

    Powder coating is a great finish, and I’ve had some success with it on parts from other projects. It looks good and stands up to attack from road debris. Unfortunately, on some parts like the SQ adapter plate and dust shield, the added thickness of the coating would probably cause headaches during assembly, so I opted to have them painted instead.

    Victoria Powder coating did a stellar job as usual. Here is the casing upon its arrival, through its metamorphosis and onto its finished appearance:
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    And here's a few project related parts from left to right: Driveshaft bearing shield, exhaust side engine to trans brace, J160 clutch fork, J160 and T50 output shaft dust shields, SQ trans crossmember
    Click image for larger version. 

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