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Thread: Reputable machine shop in Victoria for 4age

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    Reputable machine shop in Victoria for 4age

    Just looking for a decent machine shop in Victoria, rebuilding my first engine and not exactly sure who or what to ask for. I?ve heard good about pro power engines in Saanich but looking for some opinions.

    Much appreciated!

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    +1 for Pro Power. Haven't actually used him myself yet, but I've also heard good things. An old coworker of mine who builds classic cars and used to have his own body shop is/was his neighbour and spoke very highly of Conway and his work, "Don't judge a book by it's cover", I was told, as apparently he is not the neatest in appearance, but his abilities as a machinist are top notch. Told me about how one time he sent like, 17/20 GM Performance crankshafts that he ordered back because the tolerances weren't up to his standard.

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