as i'm not overly happy with the power output of my 1zz, i'm looking at options for my spyder. love the way it drives, so don't want to add much weight to the car.
each has pros and cons of course, so i thought i'd get some opinions from dk

1 turbo the 1zz - short term solution, as the ecu and factory rods are not built for performance
2 turbo the 1nz(echo,scion) - essentially can rev like a 4ag, boost well, light weight. but smaller displacement, less torque
3 1.4 ecotec (cruze engine) same weight with a turbo as the 1zz, 6spd trans , cheap to find , and tuneable ecu , but max power seems to be around 300whp

distant 4 is the k20/24 swap. makes nice power, but its a honda , and wiring would be a poopshow