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Thread: 8" 4runner diff swap into a Corolla?

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    8" 4runner diff swap into a Corolla?

    So I'm trying to figure out some LSD options for my X3 Cressida. The stock diff is a 7.1" and as far as I'm aware, nobody makes any aftermarket diffs for it? And I don't think I can just swap out center sections to something bigger.

    In a perfect world, I'd just swap out to a 7.5" out of a Supra, but since those are getting hard to find, I've pondered an idea. I have an 8" 4Runner rear diff just laying around and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried swapping one into a Corolla? My primary concern will be whether or not I can make a drum setup that will clear 14's seeing as they're factory 16"

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Is dyno like 200 for the hp if mustang shifts but 300 if corolla shifts?

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    Is the width a concern, compared to the stock diff? I know the earlier 2wd pickup 7.5 diffs hold up to v8 abuse, if the 4R diff is too wide.

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    This is probably not super helpful, but TRD did make an LSD for the 7.1" differentials, part number 41301-MX001. It's long discontinued, and it's probably harder and more expensive to find than swapping in a different sized differential, but it exists... somewhere...


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