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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Michael-Sean (thatoreoguy, 2004) and myself and Chris "Migs" ( Migs, circa the beginning) are the new/old owners of .

    A few months back the site was down and i wondered to myself who actually owns dk. After some investigation i figured out who owned it. I decided i wanted to revamp some of DK and through my daydreaming myself and Migs put our money where my mouth was and purchased it off the previous owner/caretaker.

    From a business standpoint it made little to no sense to buy DK for the sum asked. The sum was quite sizeable. Although forums are dead, it was about keeping a place where people could connect from fading.

    Like so many of you on this forum+facebook i have made some truly strong friendships. taking me quite literally across teh world to visit different members. I wanted to have a space for this connection to continue. As well I hate facebook “forums” as you can never find any information two days later.

    Also I am one of the many that had donated to the site and never got my damn stickers or T-shirt. ( SO i really bought the site so i could make stickers)

    Moving forward Dorikaze will share some transparency it attempted to have in the past. Monies raised by the ad revenue and fund raisers will be reported on and “given back” to the community. What this means is that it will go to securing server costs, running costs, paying the initial buy price, and the DK FUND. My goal is to run DK with altruistic goals but I will still make final decisions, some of which will be without group or individual input. With this in mind I would hope to support the same level of camaraderie and friendship I myself have experienced through the boards.

    So, whats in store;

    New Moderators - I have talked to several members who are on the boards more frequently and have asked them to become moderators.

    Site update: I will be turning new members applications back on. The site will also get a facelift at some point to integrate new technologies.

    Donations - How donations will work will be similar to how they once did. Certain donation amounts will yield you physical goods. It will be the only way to get Dorikaze goods.

    "DK FUND" - This fund will be used to pay for and encourage the physical meet ups that happen from coast to coast. This can be requested or voted upon but I’d like all of your inputs about how to spend club money in a way that benefits the community. Recently, we used funds raised from the DK t-shirt print run to support members who organized and paid for the 86 meet out of their own pockets.

    So ask questions be curious and help one another. Also, if you are crappy i probably won’t talk to you much, but your still welcome to a point.
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