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Thread: *NEW: 20V 4AGE Clear Cam Covers from Zaklee

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    *NEW: 20V 4AGE Clear Cam Covers from Zaklee

    Have you ever wanted to watch your beautiful cams spin right round baby, but were worried about a lone rock ruining everything? Well, for those of us with a 16V 4AG, you could get a clear cam cover. But for those of us with 20V 4AGs, we could only dream about such a reality; that is until now...

    Zaklee Corp., now under new ownership by Jason Rivkin, has a few projects in the development stage...*shhhhh...some are top secret. What I can tell you is that a clear cam cover for the 20V is being developed and is expected to be released by the end of 2018.

    Jason and I have been talking, and heís decided to develop and test the 20V cam cover in tandem with Dorikaze community input. We feel it would be best to get feedback from our forum in order to make sure the design is what we as 4AG nuts really want. So here are some pictures and the main features proposed:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cam Cover 2.JPG 
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Name:	Cam Cover 1.JPG 
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    -Blacktop style bolt holes
    -Silvertop style flat face
    -The final product will be available in both longitudinal and transverse setups. The longitudinal setup WILL cover the dreaded transverse mount hole.
    -The possibility to have the DK logo added (with no production minimum)

    There are considerations to be made, and before we talk about a DK group buy, Jason and I would like to ask for your input on the following items.
    If you would like to leave an opinion or comment, please state which 20V model you have and state any related head work/parts you have:

    -Does anyone have any clearance issues with adjustable cams on the 20V engines?
    -Should we allow for the use of the OEM cam cover seal?
    -Whatís the price and availability of an OEM cam cover seal?

    Thanks for your interest! Letís get this project through itís development and into production.

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    Thanks for the introduction Serendipity and HELLO Dori-Kaze!!!!

    I'm Jason from Zaklee Corp. and I'm extremely excited to work on this 20V project with you. We're already showing some Toyota love by releasing the 3S-GTE Gen 3,4,5 clear cover sometime in the next week or so. There's more Toyota projects on the "To-Do" list and we're always open to ideas and suggestions.

    My initial conversation with Serendipity was in regards to getting clear covers without a printed logo. I can accomodate no logo and I also thought we could do a logo for your forum group if so desired.

    Other ideas I'm working on are translucent colors for the covers. I'm releasing a limited edition "Edge-Glow Green" version of the new 3S-GTE cover. If anyone has thoughts on a color they'd like to see, please post.

    Basically I'm here as a manufacturer to meet and address any of your needs or wants as a consumer.

    Thanks for your time,

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