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Thread: Sr5 Fuel Lines help

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    Sr5 Fuel Lines help

    Trying to wrap up a gts swap into my 87 sr5.

    I was wondering if anyone on here used the stock sr5 lines and if I have to customize the fuel pump end to make it work? Or if I should just swap them out for 8mm lines.

    Let me know.

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    Just wandering by and saw the post.

    The SR5's fuel lines will more than support a 4ag. You'll need to change the fuel tank pump carrier for a fuel injected one as the SR5 one doesn't have the cage to hold the pump on it.

    15psi + 280hp + 2200lbs = GOOD!

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    It is also a good ideal to up-grade the rubber hose connections to the higher pressure rated hoses use for EFI system. My standard rated low pressure fuel hose started leaking after 3 or 4 yrs. davew

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