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Thread: Jason from Zaklee Corp. clear cam gear covers

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    Jason from Zaklee Corp. clear cam gear covers

    Hello and Bonjour fellow automotive enthusiasts,

    I was invited into your forum after an online discussion with Serendipity in regards to making a clear upper timing belt cover for the 4A-GE 20V motors. The purpose of becoming a member is to make sure your specific needs as a group are met. I've been a forum member of VWVortex for almost 20 years in good standing.

    I'm a long time car ethusiasts and a VW/Audi technician by trade. While I love almost anything with an engine my true passion are cars from the late 80's and early 90's especially all wheel drive turbo. I'm lucky enough to say that I indeed own my dream car, a 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 #107/2000. Here's a video of me spanking a Corvette at the drag races.

    Here's another cool video about one of my first "builds" that I no longer own.

    As a mechanic and fabricator I enjoy being involved in all different types of projects as there is always new knowledge to be gained and applied to future projects.

    I had the opportunity to take over Zaklee Corp. almost 2 years ago from the original owner who had lost interest in the project. Thus why the 20V cover was never released. I am fully committed to releasing new clear covers for the car community especially where an OEM product is no longer available. I'm a long time online consumer so I'm very aware of customer expectations, packaging, communication such as tracking numbers, etc.

    I'm truly honored to be part of the aftermarket automotive industry and will always do my best to make OUR community better.

    Car enthusiasts making car parts for other car enthusiasts.

    Jason Rivkin

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    Welcome! Forum is a little slow these days, but it's still a great place IMO.

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