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Thread: Hi! Lurker Delurking

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    Hi! Lurker Delurking

    I'm from Alberta and I am pretty new to cars in general. I started as an anime nerd (sorry) and here I am now wrenching on a GTS Corolla.

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    Its currently being taken apart so I can get some body work done. I'm having a lot of fun learning about all the different pieces. My goal is to get the body strait and fix some weird suspension behaviour. As I am disassembling it, I found some previous weld patches and the entire passenger side front upper frame (the part directly underneath the fender) has been replaced sometime in the past. The front fenders and paint are not original either. I wish I knew to look for this type of stuff when I was a noob searching for the mythical 86 after binge watching initial d.

    Here is what I've got done on the car so far.

    Rear end rebuild. It was humming and leaking pretty bad so I bought a rebuild kit from Wier performance, new bearings, seals, and larger clutch plates for the stock kouki LSD. Had it done by a shop in Edmonton.

    K-box valve cover gasket and distributor gasket kit to fix some leaks.

    Timing Belt

    new power steering outer tie rods

    What I plan:

    I have an mr2 manual rack that needs rebuilding. I want to use it to delete my leaky power steering.

    New poly bushings

    new engine and transmission mounts.

    Find the source of my funky suspension behaviour

    Get the body straight.

    Anyways, thanks for reading and I look forward to learning a bunch more.

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    DK also has an active facebook and whatsapp chat but we hope you find the forum useful as well !

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    there is alot of great people and parts on the board here - welcome aboard!
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    Welcome man, Glad to have another eager and enthusiastic corolla guy in Alberta!
    Where did you find the car? Looks like one I've seen in Edmonton a few times over the last year or two.
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