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Thread: Beams ae86 functioning stock tach

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    Beams ae86 functioning stock tach

    It took me to long to find this info so id like to share it here for future people

    So AE86 with a beams swapped in it, running factory ECU.

    the tach output is D26 from the ecu

    splice this wire into the tach signal that would have some from the ignition coil i choose to use pin 13 for ease.
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    now the fun part, remove your dash cluster, and remove the plastic cover. remove the screws from behind the tach side, not all need to be removed the tach and speedo are 2 individual units tho they appear to be one.
    once removed you need to add a 10 ohm 1/4 watt resistor (people confirm that 100 hm works also) to the R4 circuit. there is no need to remove the old resistor as power will take the path of least resistance. To save hassle i soldered it on the other side rather then trying to make a clean cut to remove the stock one. once you've done this your board should like this
    Click image for larger version. 

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    now your set plug it in rev it up and watch your tach bounce off rev limiter.

    it cost me 1.20$ for 10 resistors if anyone needs one let me know.
    it took roughly 45 minutes to wire the circuit and install the resistor

    cheaper and faster then both the msd box and the relay guys use to make it work
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    a great thread that should be stickied!
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    Very nice!! I will be doing this one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dano View Post
    a great thread that should be stickied!
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