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Thread: Which Landcruisers were Canadian Only/ Rare in the US, but more common in Canada?

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    Which Landcruisers were Canadian Only/ Rare in the US, but more common in Canada?

    Hello all! I hope this message finds you well.

    I've been lurking around IH8Mud and realized certain things that seem to have been mentioned in passing, but without asking directly, is hard to find outright answers for. I was going to ask them directly, but it seems silly signing up for membership just to ask one question. Realizing a lot of you hang out there and are here too, I might as well ask here, being that you're all so awesome and knowledgeable and such

    That said, here it is:
    Which LandCruiser models were Canadian only, or at least, rare in the US, but more common Canada?

    I ask this because usually, it's the opposite, right? Eg. The FZJ80 was offered up as the Lexus LX450 here, so if you see one badged as Toyota, it's an American car. Same with the URJ200 - Lexus LX570 only in Canada.

    From what I thought I've read:
    -BJ40 (the original) In the US, this was strictly FJ40 only, meaning they only had the inline six gas?? Does this mean, the Diesel offerings are a Canadian thing? Because I keep seeing the same trend in other models, namely....
    -BJ60 (wagon) with 3B diesel and Manual is incredibly uncommon to non-existent in the US, being that they only have the FJ60, but easier to find in Canada??? True?
    -HJ60 (Wagon) with 2H diesel. Was this another Canadian only offering?
    -BJ70 (Short Wheelbase) was offered in Canada, but not the US? As in, the US never got any 70 series at all, is this true? What other 70 series lengths/configurations were offered in Canada? I ask, because....
    -BJ75 (Pickup) I remember seeing a 3B powered LHD manual pickup that was a farm truck on Kijiji recently. The VIN's weights were in kg and the speedo was in km. For something so well used, that has got to be a Canadian truck all its life, right?

    Thank you for the time!

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