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Thread: Meddle's '85 GTS

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    Meddle's '85 GTS

    Hello everyone. I'm Meddle. I'm an 18 year old from Texas studying Mechanical Engineering in Boston. I'm an avid Toyota guy, and this is my 2nd 86 I picked up last week for $1600.

    THE CAR:

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    Yep it's a NE car alright. The rust however, is not bad at all. It's got the original, unmolested 4A-GE Bluetop (runs pretty good) and LSD rear-end. The peculiarity of this car is it was swapped for an automatic.

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    Not a real problem, I've manual swapped an 86 before so I'm not worried about it. Most of the car is little beat up but the body is straight and the interior is complete, miles ahead of my first coupe. The car at the moment needs the fuel tank reinstalled as the pump was out. Then after it should be running solid again.

    Being my 2nd time around with one of these, I've set my mind on exactly what I'm going to do with this car. The plan is to stick another T50 in the car or simply upgrade to a W58. Till then it's my daily. The only mods I intend of doing to the car are meant to be period correct and simply upgrade/replace parts that need it. Being at a tech school, I have easy access to 3D printers and CAD/CAM machinery and I'm already experimenting with producing my own replacement bits.

    I don't intend on drifting the car, I have other cars for that, I just want an 86 to drive everyday and enjoy.

    I'll keep the thread updated as I get started cleaning up the car and restoring/replacing parts.

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    Welcome! Peculiar car indeed! I hope a new steering wheel and seats are in your plans too, otherwise you may need a hazmat suit for driving.

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    Plans are in the works to nuke the interior clean. I have a Nardi wheel from the 90s that came off a 180sx that I plan on putting on the car. It's currently on my Z31, but I don't mind swapping it out for the old one.

    In the meantime I've started a simple build list:

    -TRD 4A-GE Spark PLug Wires
    -Light Weight Crank Pulley Set
    -4A-GE Tomei Poncam Set 264-8.1mm
    -Fujitsubo Legalis-R S-Tail Exhaust

    -T50 swap
    -TRD Short Shifter
    -1 Piece Driveshaft
    -Rebuilt LSD
    -TODA Lightened Flywheel
    -Exedy OEM Clutch

    -Polyurethane Bushings

    -OEM Zenki GT-S Decals
    -Konig Rewind 15x7 +0 Offset
    -Goodyear Eagle 195/50R15

    -Dash Repair
    -Clock Bezel
    -Steal the Nardi from my Z31
    -New black carpet
    -Reupholster Seats black vinyl/grey cloth
    -Paint interior plastics black
    -Black/White Checker Floormats
    -Panasonic G-1 VZ201 Double Din Stereo w/ Pioneer Speakers (might just buy a ECLIPSE EQZ-200 if my search fails)

    I don't want to derive too far from the original car. I want to tackle the looks more than anything as I like a relatively stock 4A-GE and simply working the car to handle better.

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    Glad to see some new people popping onto the board! Car looks good, I'm looking forward to seeing the plans come to life.
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    Since I had returned home for the week I decided it would be a good time to restore my spare rear seats and dig out the good parts I had left in my garage. The seats were painted black with Tulip Color Shot Fabric paint as I plan on converting the entire interior over from the very sun faded and destroyed blue fabrics. The seats are still very soft and the paint is not rubbing off at all, very nice stuff. My rear GT-S seats might be too far gone at this point, the headrest foam is mostly gone I assume from just years of deterioration. If that ends up being the case I don't mind getting an upholstery shop to modify these SR5s to work with the GTS rear panel cards or possibly even restore the old GTS seats.

    My Kouki Gauge Cluster (may or may not swap this out, always nice to keep as a spare though):

    I was also lucky enough to pick up a small run of Trueno Keychains that a friend was making. I had sold him a 4AC head to use on his hatch and he ended up sending one my way.

    So far things are moving smoothly, when I'm back in Boston I'm going to start tackling the mechanics of the car and making sure all of it's fluids and seals are in check so it can be driven without worry for a good while.

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