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Thread: My rusty rolla

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    My rusty rolla

    Well, I'm new here and i've been reading here for a while now and i see all your guys nice GT-S's. I picked up this SR5 and had no idea of the aftermarket parts avaliable for this car. After reading the forums here and checking out your rides i have forgotten the rusty P.O.S. i bought just to get around and visions of a sweet car are forming....

    I have a couple pictures, first couple just to give you an idea of the extensive rust problem and then a couple shots i took today after alot cutting and fiberglassing...although there is too much rust to comprehend i can't help myself.

    (Anyone know of a descent ae86 hb shell for sale for cheap... )

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    you got some work ahead of you.
    hope to see some progress pics

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    yeah looks like my old one. always a good project though, fun cars to work on too.
    im not a big fan of hood scoops but yours looks ok, i kinda like it. id even put it on my levin if i had a need for it.
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    Ive seen far worse, it can be fixed. Just uses new sheetmetal and your good

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    Wow so it's you!! I've met you before!! Remember there was this dude who came to front of your house when you were about to go out and I asked if the SR5 is for sale? that was me!

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