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Thread: Project Yum-Yum (SR86) ITS ALIVE!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SupraFiend View Post
    Actually I think the real reason Steve parts his project cars and often disposes of the chassis afterwards is he just can't stand the thought of anyone else driving his creations after he's done with them. Hmmm maybe the black MR2 wasn't an accident

    I hope Heatbloom realizes his old coupe has only a couple years at most left to live, selling Steve a car for a project of his is a death warrent for the car :biggrin5:
    shshhhh you! LOL

    v8 will be around for a long time i think, we'll see how the power delivery is to drive but i REALLY like this engine, all the other cars have had flaws.

    -4age(16v and 20v)=not enough power, rev's nice
    -4agze="almost" enough power and great power delivery
    -3sgte=lots of power but turbo lag sucked and never really got to "live with it" as the car burnt before i got the enjoyment
    -sr20=stupid amounts of power and I don't like turbo, heavy engine, packaging on an sr20 in an ae86 chassis is horrible, engine blows up if you look at it funny
    -1uzfe=beautiful packaging, lighter than sr20, don't know what its like to drive yet tho, if its not enough power i can Supercharge it easily enough

    Owned too many different modified toyotas to list LOL

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    looking at the engine bay with the v8, you would almost think it was a factory option.

    that car was built for this engine

    its all a dogs breakfast

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