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    A little bit of DK history

    Ever wonder how the whole DoriKaze thing started? I did, so I did a bit of research. If you can fill in the blanks, pipe up. If I got some details wrong, let's fix them up. This all happened before I joined up.

    The Origins of DoriKaze as told to Brian

    Back in the late 1990's, a young guy (Keishin) bought a corolla GTS and started a car club in Vancouver. This car club was just a local car club at the time, and had young people who drove all sorts of cars, Hondas, Toyota, Mazda, GM, etc. They would all meet weekly, and hang out. Just a bunch of car-guys.

    The president of the club spent many waking hours coming up with a cool name for the club, and decided to have a japanese theme. DoriKaze was the result of a long walk on the beach, and seeing all the driftwood piled up. Drift. Wood. Wind-blown driftwood. Drift Wind. Dori Kaze.

    As with any car club, the many members who contribute ask nothing in return, but put in effort for the good of the club. One such member took the hand-drawn logo, and put together the font for the logo. Stickers were made, and each one of the Dori Kaze club members had one on their car. Or mom's car for that matter.

    The club members used high-tech communications back in the day: the telephone. And an email list. With a relatively small membership (by today's standards) it was simple and effective.

    As the club grew, there were a few members from across the country who also had similar interests. One such member, a guy named Chris, had an idea for communications, and started the bulletin board/forum. As a contributing member to the club, Chris took a good idea, and expanded it to the original Dori Kaze bulletin board.

    /more later.
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